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CSIR UGC NET seminar at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

A seminar given by Harleen Chawla Narang of  Sukirt Tutorials (Evolve Academia) was organised at the School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana on 7th March, 2019. This seminar was organised to create awareness among the students on the various exams for JRF, why they have to take these exams and how they can clear these exams.

Students were informed about two important decisions taken by the Ministry of Education and UGC that have made CSIR-UGC NET or other equivalent NET exams important for students now. Moreover, these decisions have provided an impetus to motivate students towards the road to research. The first decision pertains to PhD and NET bring made compulsory for university and top-notch government positions. The second decision is more of a push factor which gives a morale boost to students opting for JRF and SRF. UGC has announced a hike of around 20% in the emoluments for JRF, SRF and RA positions. So, even though NET is compulsory, it will be less of a burden to prepare for it because of the added bonus of the hike.

The students were explained the pattern of the exam, the tips and tricks they can follow to prepare effectively along with general information regarding exams. Students were encouraged to ask their questions and doubts pertaining to the NET exams. There was an active discussion with the students where their queries were answered till they were satisfied. The seminar ended on a hopeful note whereby the students seemed motivated to prepare and compete for the CSIR-UGC NET exam.

CSIR-UGC NET Life Sciences 2018 coaching

Sukirt Tutorials is going to start a new course for CSIR-UGC NET (Life Sciences). In this course the students will be taught to target the December 2018 exam. Come to us for complete guidance. Our course is built to put you on the right track.

We use best methods and techniques so that our students understand the concepts and don’t just cram them.

  • Have you attempted the exam but failed to clear it?
  • Are you going to attempt the exam for the first time?
  • Knowing the exam syllabus is not enough. Targeting specific units is important.

To register for the course, please reach us on 9988100289.