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How to ace your exams – Tips and tricks

Last minute preparation tips and tricks for students appearing for 2019 board exams

  1. Now is the time to start your revision. Instead of fretting about something you don’t know, focus on everything that you know, revise it and reinforce it in your mind.
  2. Start your revision with the chapters that you find easy. That way, you will be able to cover a lot initially and will have ample time to revise the chapters you find difficult or are not confident in.
  3. Read things as if the exam is tomorrow. That way your brain will retain things as it does just a day before exams.
    Do not learn a new, difficult chapter just before the exam. This will put undue pressure on your brain and may cause you to forget some things you know very well.
  4. Do not cram. Focus on remembering points, rather than cramming paragraphs.
    To remember and revise formulae, write them all together on sheets of paper, which you can look up on the day of exam without having to search all your notebooks.
  5. There’s only one way to remember equations, write them as you are reading them side by side. Write it 3-4 times at least till you feel confident enough to move on.
  6. Learn the names of all authors and poets for language exams by writing them on a separate sheet of paper. Do not leave this for the morning of the exam.

How to avoid undue panic on the day of exam?

  1. Keep everything – admit card, pens, pencils, scale, eraser etc. – ready one night before the exam. This way you won’t have to rush for anything on the exam day.
  2. Try to keep your mind relaxed by praying, talking to your parents or siblings or friends. Avoid talking about anything negative.
  3. Reach the centre at least 15 minutes earlier than the time mentioned for entry. This way you will not have to rush to find your class and avoid pressure.
  4. Do not attempt to learn anything on the morning of the exam and especially, not just before entering the exam hall. You may go blank in the exam.
  5. Do not resort to any kind of unfair means in the exam or cheat in the exam. Prepare well and be confident of yourself.

Special tips for exam:

  1. For the questions which have choices, especially English and all sciences, use the 15 minutes allotted for reading the question paper to decide which choice you will attempt. This will save crucial time later on.
  2. In the English exam, do not waste the 15 minutes in reading a comprehension paragraph.
  3. These 15 minutes will also help you in deciding your course of attempting the exam apart from the perusal of the question paper.

Prepare well. Be confident. Leave the rest to God.
All the best everyone!!

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